Reid Sinnicks ” 225 “

Reid Sinnicks ” 225 “

Reid Sinnicks ” 225 “

The Durban based Reid Sinnicks also known as the ” comeback kid”, now a former TLB Yamaha team MX 2 rider will be leaving SA shores with Maddy Malan and Charl van Eeeden to go and train and race in the U.S.A. After a serious crash at the end of a successful 125 season in 2012, Reid had to sit out for a long recovery until early February 2014. Reid came back on the National circuit midway 2014. Moto ZA caught up with him before he left for the US. We wish Reid all the best in the States and will bring updates from time to time about his progress and achievements over there. Good luck Reid Sinnicks make us proud.

Interviewed by : Zigz Brodalka

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how to do your homework when you're tired  Moto ZA : Reid, how did this opportunity come about for you to go to America?
how to write a college entrance essay Reid : ‎It began with me coming back to racing and just wanting to see how far I could get. I returned mid season 2014, winning races on my 125 cc was a huge booster for me and helped to build my self confidence. It opened doors with sponsors for 2015, I raced for the TLB Yamaha Monster Energy Team on the 250 cc … The year went well considering I was under pressure racing and completing my matric. I felt the next step was to try out the bigger American scene and see how I would fare! During the year the talk in the pits at riding between Charl, Maddy and I was pretty much about USA but there was no set plan. One practice day at Teza  we were training and we decided that it might be easier for the three of us to go together. It would help to cover costs, we would have the companionship of our close mates who have the same interest and goal and to try build a strong foundation in the states, this is pretty much how all the planning took off.

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cheap reliable essay writing service Moto ZA : After your serious crash at the end of 2012 and sitting out until February of 2014, how did you find being back racing in the 2015 season?

Reid : To be honest, it was pretty much a new chapter in my life. It made me try out other sports and activities, I had always been racing and never had a break from it … I got to chill and get away from riding. I did school sports like soccer, jet-skied and paddled with my dad. I went out with mates which was fun, but the next year when I got back on my bike it felt like I hadn’t been off it for more than a week and I was back “in love.” The break was good as I let go of the whole racing scene and got to refresh and revive myself which I really enjoyed. Now I’m back, more focused and feel like I know what I want out of my riding and that’s my only goal for the future.

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Moto ZA : Maddy and Charl will be joining you, in a way that would be a good thing for moral support. Tell us what are your plans for 2016, what has been lined up for you over there?

Reid : Yes, definitely having Charl and Maddy over there will be a big support base. Some may say it’s not good because we have to race against each other but to me all 3 of us have the same goal in mind and we are best mates no doubt. Once we get on the track it’s racing which is why I think we get on so well, even if we have an incident on the track it’s not an issue off the track. We all want to push the limits over there and try reach our goals and with us training together, we definitely push each other to that next level. Our plan is to qualify for Loretta Lynn’s over there and get some good results to help us for the future. After that we want to enter “Monster Cup” which is another big race so hoping for good results there. Then we’ll decide our plans going forward depending on what happens.

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Moto ZA : Rumor has it that you would be joining former World Champion Tyla Rattray, what will his role be there with you?

Reid : Yes, I’ll be training with Tyla … It’s a really awesome opportunity that came up for me which I grabbed with both hands. He will be my all round trainer basically over there, he will train me on my riding skills, fitness and eating programs.

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Moto ZA : Have you secured any sponsors there or from here in SA. What bike manufacturer will you be riding?

Reid : No sponsors confirmed yet, I will have to try prove myself over in the states and get some recognition first … Fox Racing will be helping me out with my kit but no bike sponsors. I will be riding a KTM in the states which is a change but I’m excited for it.

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Moto ZA: Your goals and achievements you have set out for yourself in the US for 2016, what would they be?

Reid : The year ahead is going to be new to me with never having raced over in the states like I am now … I definitely want to qualify for Loretta Lynn’s and try get a good result which will hopefully help me out with support from other sponsors and then I’m keen to give Monster Cup a try. I think I’ll really enjoy the supercross type of track with the flow and rhythm of it and it will be my first time racing supercross. I want to try set myself up in the states for the next years to come so that I can continue with my racing and hopefully make it to a higher level.

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Moto ZA : Where will you be based, will you, Maddy and Charl be sticking together?

Reid : Yes we will be sticking together. The 3 of us are renting a house in California and will basically be eating, sleeping, riding and training together.
We will have to help each other out around the house and with the general things.

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Moto ZA : Knowing that the standard of racing in the US is of high quality, have you been training and practicing in the off season in SA?

Reid : Yes, I started training before the end of 2015 already … I Started my program with Tyla and it’s been really awesome, a huge step up from what I was able to do whilst studying at school. I’ve been having a lot of fun with the training and it definitely feels like it’s helping me improve, now that my main focus is motocross it feels great and I enjoy my riding so much more.

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Moto ZA : With Tyla training you guys, do you have any idea what a week schedule will look like for you for training and practicing?

Reid : It’s a combination of a lot of things but obviously my priority is riding mx because that’s the sport I do so that’s where I put a lot of time in, out on the track.

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Moto ZA : Finally what does Reid do if you are not training or racing? Any other hobbies you pursue? What is your favorite music,food and lastly if you were not racing motocross, what would you have aspired to become in life?

Reid : Training definitely takes up a lot of my time sometimes the whole day but some days I get some free time. Once I’m done training, I play golf or go to the beach or something chilled out to rest … I don’t really have any favorite music I listen to various types really. Food, I’ll eat anything haha I like a lot of food … I think if I wasn’t racing motocross I would have enjoyed to do another sport to earn money but if I had to go the job route I think I’d like to be an architect or something to do within the industry of motocross.

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You can follow Charl on the following media platforms.

Twitter : @Reid2525
Instagram: @reid-sinnicks

Reid talks about the gnarly practice crash he had. This is someone who lives for Motocross.





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