Red Bull X Fighters

Red Bull X Fighters

cover letter order of experience As one would expect on arrival at one of , if not Red Bulls biggest action sports event the smell of Red Bull was hanging in the air at the last round of the Red Bull X fighters tour in Pretoria South Africa.

creative writing of fear The buzzed up spectators showed great enthusiasm as they awaited the battle to begin. Quite a few spectators could be seen at the quarter pipes waiting to see their first ever Flair as well as the much anticipated Bike Flip by Thomas Pages.

asian do your homework vine However a crash on the quarter pipe for Pages would mean that no bike flip was to be seen on the hot spring day in Africa. The attention then turned to Josh Sheehan and the double backflip. Sheehan nailed two double flips combined with a perfect run and a bag full of technical tricks, taking the win quite convincingly over the rest of the field.

creative writing at bath spa university As the dust settled all that was to be seen were the red, blue and yellow grass fields. Reminiscence of a Rock shows aftermath.

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