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Designer Spokes

Designer Spokes

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” Since childhood I have been a dirt bike addict, have been riding for years and love the sport, once it’s in your blood there is no escaping it.

We follow the scene closely in SA and overseas and anything related to dirt bikes.I personally went to school with a lot of SA’s top riders, like David Goosen and many others. As a kid I always played around with getting rims anodized and personally knowing what a tedious nightmare re lacing spokes can become.We came across this product in the States and we knew it would take the South African market by storm, like it has.

All the factory flash with none of the pain.” Founder Luke Enstrom

Designer Spokes has been running since 2014.

We have some great riders representing our Brand, we often attend trade shows, advertise and look at ways of adding to our range, thus believing this is why customers ask for us by name in stores.

Our main focus is on distributing to most outlets around South Africa and Namibia, we also distribute a bit to the U.K and Australia.

We are proudly South African with all materials sourced locally”

Designer spokes are a proudly South African manufactured. The durable plastic spokes slide directly around your spokes, They have a slit along side the plastic tubes making this easily possible.

The Designer spokes are made with a high quality plastic, they will not break, fade or come off the spoke easily. They will transform your rusty old spokes or trick out your race bike! No need to remove and re-lace your spokes! A great product to protect new spokes for those who re sell there bikes on yearly basis.

We have redesigned our sets for easy, simple fitment. They will fit any size motorbike or bicycle.



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