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Moto ZA: Gavin, how did GO-MX come about, where did the idea come from and how did all get started?  GO-MX started in 2013. My brother-in-law, Steve and I were just two local weekend warriors at the time. It was difficult to get all the kit we needed in one place, so we’d spend days driving around trying to find …


Designer Spokes

Designer Spokes ” Since childhood I have been a dirt bike addict, have been riding for years and love the sport, once it’s in your blood there is no escaping it. We follow the scene closely in SA and overseas and anything related to dirt bikes.I personally went to school with a lot of SA’s top riders, like David Goosen …


Recked Industries “Hole Shot Glory”

Recked Industries “Hole Shot Glory” So the Recked Industries “Hole Shot Glory” and Big Whip Competition was held at Zone 7 in Cape Town this past weekend. For a first time event it went pretty well with some decent support form the local Motorsport enthusiasts as well as a few athletes who enjoyed the event concept and cannot wait for …


SA Champions 2016

  SA Champions 2016 The SA Champions 2016 “Monster Energy TRP National Motocross” season was one of the more exhilarating seasons in recent history of the sport.For most off the classes it went down to the wire where the last gate drop of the year at the new Terra Topia track,has been the deciding factor to whom will clinch the …


Recked Industries “Freeride”

Recked Industries “Freeride” Recked Industries – Defining an Alternative lifestyle Recked Industries was founded by Garan Reck in 2001 as a side project. Over the years the brand has developed and gained a core following. This has pushed us to start investing into the brand and grow it due to the interest and following it has gained over the years. …


“Iron Mike” Michael Docherty, US Update.

“Iron Mike” Michael Docherty, US Update. “Iron Mike” Michael Docherty, US Update. a name we are seeing more and more appearing at the The AMA Outdoors Nationals circuits in the US, as well at this years night races at the Monster Energy Supercross events. Iron Mike is no stranger to the South African audience and thought it would be great …


Neville Bradshaw “272”

Neville Bradshaw “272” The South African born Neville Bradshaw, the former British MX Champion is back in SA for the full 2016 Monster Energy TRP Motocross Nationals season.In 15′ we saw Neville come in at the 3 Rd round of the series at Rover, PE. He made his presence immediately felt with full backing of his South African Sponsors, Out …


Nithrone “Custom seat covers”

Nithrone “Custom seat covers” Nithrone seat covers are handmade in Yzerfontein. Located just off the R27 on the West Coast of South Africa, about an hours drive from Cape Town. The person behind the brand is Eric Groenewoud. As a former Dutch professional windsurfer he has extensive knowledge in designing and manufacturing new products relating to the extreme sports industry, …


Charl van Eeden ” 57 “

Charl van Eeden ” 57 “ Interviewed by : Laren van der Westhuizen Images : Brodalka.com DOB: 15/04/1998 Years Racing : 13, since 2003 from 4 years old. Home Town / Track:  Teza, KZN. Motocorss ValleyTeza Current Sponsors : FOX Racing SA, Husqvarna South Africa MXLaren: Charl you are heading to USA for 2016. Tell us about your plans over …


Reid Sinnicks ” 225 “

Reid Sinnicks ” 225 “ The Durban based Reid Sinnicks also known as the ” comeback kid”, now a former TLB Yamaha team MX 2 rider will be leaving SA shores with Maddy Malan and Charl van Eeeden to go and train and race in the U.S.A. After a serious crash at the end of a successful 125 season in …


Moto ZA RSseat-banner-correctdesignerspokes_motozafoot--800(1)